Getting started with NFTs and blockchain technology can seem overwhelming

BEASY can help.

BEASY Professional Services

We focus on your architecture. You focus on your business.

People use blockchain, not businesses. No matter the business function – sales, marketing, operations, finance or legal – BEASY products and professional services can help any type of executive create new revenue-generating products and services or measurably lower costs. Just like the Internet, blockchain can and should be used by every executive in the C-suite in ways that benefit the entire enterprise. Unlike the Internet, however, blockchain can verify, transfer, and enforce the transfer of IP – which means that smart contracts can be official legal instruments providing security, privacy, and control. BEASY’s professional services team will show you how to create and maintain a quality-at-the-source solution for the C-suite, guaranteeing a forensic linear heritage or link between every smart contract and its originally signed legal documents. BEASY products and solutions provide confidence and control to CFO-personas while enabling the rest of the C-Suite executives to innovate with smart contracts on private networks.

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BEASY Consulting Services

BEASY Consulting

Our unique value proposition simplifies and focuses client industrial logic and strategy across a range of considerations.

Rapid Deployment

Move faster. BEASY’s team is here to provide knowledge and expertise, with architectural guidance to design and deliver your blockchain solutions.

Blockchain Architects & Engineers

Our leadership team has world class blockchain architecture and engineering experience. Our engineers are well-versed in software development and blockchain technologies, automation, configuration management, integration and getting things done.


BEASY is fully compatible with all major blockchain networks including Ethereum, Ethereum Private: Geth, Parity, Quorum, Hyperledger Besu, Hyperledger Sawtooth, and more. In addition, we are an official Salesforce 2020 Blockchain ISV partner.

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