BEASY Authentication™ Platform

BEASY’s core blockchain-enablement platform provides a complete blockchain solution in one easy to implement and use platform. For owners or creators of intellectual property and content who want to originate and authenticate their own IP, BEASY Authentication offers a powerful one-stop-shop for content tokenization, trading, and tracking with secure, intuitive, easy-to-use controls and dashboards to manage all your digital assets, business agreements, smart contracts, micro-payments and more.

BEASY Authentication is an end-to-end, vertically integrated blockchain-as-a-product technology.

BEASY Authentication is cloud technology agnostic, blockchain protocol agnostic and industry agnostic, propagating to more than 80 different blockchain protocols right out of the box.

BEASY Authentication securely and cost effectively verifies and maintains the true state of confidential intellectual property ownership as well as confidential shared data on private multi-party business networks.


BEASY Authentication was built for maximum interoperability with leading business applications. Thereby reducing technological asymmetries and freeing business users to focus on executing a broad range of impactful business application at scale


BEASY Authentication runs on a permissioned version of Ethereum using Hyperledger BESU which enables interoperability. Hyperledger is an open-source community of leaders in finance, manufacturing, supply chain and technology developing a suite of stable frameworks, tools and libraries for enterprise-grade blockchain deployments. BEASY Authentication also runs on the Ethereum main net, allowing all BEASY-enabled communities to move assets across multiple platforms including Dapper Labs Flow platform.


BEASY Authentication scales both in terms of business use cases being verified and enforced, complexity of business terms, degree of fractional asset ownership, number of permissioned buyers and sellers, liquidity of products traded, types of currencies accepted, volume of micro-payment transactions recorded and more.

Cost Control

The interoperability and flexibility of BEASY Authentication enables unprecedented cost reduction and cost control opportunities across a broad range of use cases and economic models, from highly complex multi-partner mass promotional campaigns to premium, bespoke programs.


BEASY Authentication has been designed to accommodate any business logic and use cases ranging from the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to the management of critical business operations.