• AthleteChain™

    Multi-party Consensus Network built for stakeholders in the global sports rights industry.

Powered by BEASY Authentication, AthleteChain provides college and professional athlete entrepreneurs with a turnkey business management platform enabling much greater control of their professional lives and business interactions.

Made possible by best-in-class blockchain technology, AthleteChain allows sports industry stakeholders to verify, control and legally commercialize whole or fractional IP ownership rights while ensuring that every fully executed business agreement and every network transaction is enforced and executed accurately, confidentially, securely, immutably and in accordance with mutually agreed auditability terms.

AthleteChain’s permissioned network is designed to enable a broad range of applications including authentication, verification and tracking of:

Make your own market.

Create your own NFTs in 4 easy steps and sell on your own site or on any NFT marketplace. Perpetually track both primary as well as secondary market NFT revenues. Sign up for AthleteChain Professional today and we’ll throw in a personalized Tyke avatar from our partner Tykes, Inc. Ready yourself for Tykeland!

Be your own brand.

Activate your personal brand and start getting your official story told right using video on demand. Create and deliver live streaming or edited premium video content from Toldright, the best production talent in the industry.

In just a few simple steps, you can be selling personally branded videos, virtual experiences, memorabilia, digitally autographed content and much, much more.

AthleteChain’s Smart Contract Center.

Easy to use administration portal lets you manage everything from your sovereign digital identity and digital assets ownership to trademarks, logos, fully executed contracts and smart contracts.