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Our Mission

Blockchain Made Easy was formed with the goal of making blockchain adoption easier for entrepreneurs and enterprises, so they can reap the multiple benefits and value of the new emerging technology.
Our approach

Results oriented

Beasy's leadership team of seasoned blockchain professionals, advisors, partners and support deliver the results you'd expect.

Leadership Team

Bob Kramich

Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Bob is an MIT Sloan- certified blockchain professional with 30-years of experience. Conceived and delivered Salesforce’s first blockchain app store application as well as retail giant Overstock’s first customer-facing Applied Intelligence (AI) Omnibot solution.

Mal Postings

Chief Architect
Led transformational programs at the company, industry, and international levels. While CTO of Ernst & Young, Mal achieved cross-industry top 10 CTO award and global top 25 chief architect award.

Enrique Garzas

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer
An accomplished computer scientist, has led blockchain design and architecture in banking, financial services and supply chain for Santander Bank (NYSE:SAN), Virtusa (NASDAQ:VRTU) and currently Accenture plc in Madrid, Spain (NYSE:ACN).

Nick Jacobs

Co-Founder, Head of Product
A 2019 graduate of Tufts University, Nick led BEASY to the finals in the 2019 Tufts $100K New Ventures Competition. Now full-time with BEASY, Nick was named Employee of the Year at TD Bank in 2021 for his leadership in transforming TD Bank’s online lending platform for small businesses.

David Kaupp

Head of Marketing
David is an MIT Sloan-certified blockchain professional with over 30-years experience leading corporate and product marketing for SAAS & emerging tech firms. A former agency owner experienced with B2B and B2C brands including New Balance, Converge, Aveksa-RSA, Harte-Hanks, Jenzabar, and Xeros Technology Group.

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Blockchain Made Easy, LLC, dba BEASY (the “Company” or “BEASY”), was formed to make the benefits of blockchain easy to achieve throughout the consumer and enterprise value chains. Our initial focus in on the multi-billion-dollar annual North American Sports & Entertainment markets, through the commercialization of a scalable, blockchain platform well-suited to meet the demands of small, mid-sized and large businesses.

Our technology platform is industry or vertical agnostic, but we have selected the sports & entertainment markets as our initial market to commercialize not only because of its size, but because we can solve a very fundamental challenge.

Athletes and entertainers can be great entrepreneurs because they already possess this type of mentality and a skill set that is perfect for achieving success in the business world. They understand that certain components of the business world are comparable to sports and entertainment in many ways.

But starting and managing a business is complicated. Athletes and entertainers often don’t have the technology and relational resources readily available to enable them to organize and coordinate all of the business opportunities that they want to engage.

We solve that problem, leveraging best-in-class, proprietary blockchain technology to deliver business applications that enable our individual and enterprise customers to curate their complex and fluid professional, philanthropic and business activities.